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I couldn’t agree more with @peacefulmindpeacefullife and @dissociativediaries

I find it strange that we can feel weakest during moments of great strength.

I know from my personal experiences I used to feel defective and broken when I struggled most and would often keep my feelings to myself. Opening up to someone about what was going on for me was a vulnerable experience filled with shame.

Connecting with other people with similar experiences helped me realise I was not broken or defective and was worthy of another’s time. Overtime I recognised my strength and my shame response reduced.

Feelings of weakness and shame creep back in from time to time so I often say to myself “Danni you’re ok. You’re doing your best.”

As an insightful psychologist pointed out to me in the past

“None of us asked to be here. We are doing the best we can, given the situations we find ourselves in.”

Café staff are here to listen. Talking may not take away concerns but we will sit in the trenches with you and hold hope for brighter days.

Take care,

Danni, Peer Connector, Galway Community Café

Image description: Black background with white text “Can we please stop associating strength with someone’s ability to smile through tears and suffer in silence? Strength is being brave enough to talk about what’s hurting you on the inside.”

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