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Hi there, my name is Danni.  

I grew up in Galway City and have lived here most of my life. I live by the sea with my dog Lexi.  

I developed mental health difficulties in my teen years and it progressively got worse from there. I became seriously unwell and spent many years in and out of psychiatric hospitals.  

When I was 27 I started working with a new psychologist who mentioned I could be autistic. That was the beginning of the rest of my life.  

I eventually got diagnosed as autistic, sensory processing disorder and more recently ADHD.  

I have found a chosen family in the neurodivergent community. The understanding, connection, friendships and peer support has been life saving 

I became involved in the café project a few years ago through the local forum and later joined the operational group. The café was conceptualized by local people with mental health difficulties long before I became involved.  

The last year has brought about many challenges and sudden changes for us all. It’s completely understandable to struggle more with our mental health. 

We are living through a pandemic so we all need to be to be extra kind to ourselves and reach out for connection and support when we need it 

We have had to find different coping strategies as some may be inaccessible in the current climate. We are doing our best and that’s all we can do.  

I am trying to be more compassionate to myself and do what I can to keep my mind and body well.  

For me that’s swimming in the sea almost everyday, walks and cuddles with my dog, connection with family & friends, work, eating healthier, games, musicbirds, plants and nature.  

Different things work for different people and that’s great we are all unique.  

I hope people have found some positive moments, time to pursue interests or develop new coping strategies during these strange times. 

We are here for a friendly chat by video or phone for anyone interested in learning more about the café or seeking support.  

Take care, 


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