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HSE Health and Wellbeing has created a Minding Your Wellbeing Programme which aims to provide an opportunity for people to learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience. There are five videos available, each about 20 minutes in length and focus on different areas, you can watch all of them or pick and choose. Our Peer Connectors took the time to watch them and wanted to share it here! Maybe something in one of the videos will resonate with you.

(Just to note, there is background music over each of the videos which may be distracting for some)


Practicing Self Care

This video talks about what self care is, good self care habits as well as including a brief breathing meditation in the video.

Understanding Our Thoughts

A 2020 report found that on average, we think about 6,200 thoughts per day. Why do our thoughts matter? And how can we deal with challenging thoughts? Like the first video, this one has a mindful meditation towards the end of the video.

Exploring Emotions

Regardless of the situation we are in, we will always have some sort of emotional reaction. Understanding these different emotions and exploring them can help figure out what is going on in our minds. This video also explores the concept of the 5-a-day for mental wellbeing.

Building Positive Relationships

The way we engage with others has changed over the last year, but it is important to know and recognise the aspects which form the base of positive relationships. It also brings up the important point to take stock of the relationships in our lives, and also addresses handing challenges and conflict.

Improving Our Resilience

Resilience. What is it, how can it help and impact on our lives? How can we improve our resilience? This video also talks about limiting beliefs, what they are and how they can impact our resilence. What are your strengths? Identify and acknowledge them.


Additional information about the programme can be found here

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