Policy Library

Galway Community Café is governed by a number of policies and agreements which are outlined below.

Customer Agreement

Staff will take responsibility to treat customers with respect, kindness and compassion in a confidential* manner. 

Customers are: 

  • Expected to treat each other and café staff members with respect and kindness. 
  • Expected to leave the premises after their appointment if asked to do so in order to allow other customers to enter the café. 
  • Invited to take responsibility for their safety and inform staff so they can be supported appropriately. 
  • Invited to offer suggestions on how we can improve the service and to make complaints. 

* Please see confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

The Galway Community Café provides a safe, non-judgemental place for individuals to come and have a chat with a trained member of staff. Our team have lived experience of using mental health services and can provide peer support or signposting for customers experiencing emotional distress.

The principle of confidentiality is fundamental to the support offered in the Galway Community Café and we would like to reassure our customers that their confidentiality is our priority. However, in some situations, legal obligations may require that certain information has to be shared with others:

  • Where a staff member becomes aware that a customer is a serious risk to themselves and/or others they will contact the customers GP, the HSE and/or the Gardaí
  • Where a customer discloses information about current or past child abuse. As Mandated Persons under the Children First Act 2015 (Schedule 2, subsection 15 (e)), we are obliged to report issues relating to possible current abuse of a child and adults disclosing past childhood abuse. These will be reported to Tusla, the Child & Family Agency and Gardaí
  • The Galway Community Café and its employees are bound to follow any order made by a court of law, e.g. Information on a crime, a witness statement etc.

Our customer’s confidentiality is an important principle of our service. The decision to breach confidentiality will not be taken without consultation.

Galway Community Café offers support which accepts the individual values, culture, religion, physical needs, neurotype, gender and sexual orientation of its customers.

Our Equality and Inclusivity policy is reflective of this and will be uploaded soon.

Galway Community Café – Health and Safety Policy will be uploaded soon.

The Service Operational Plan sets out the operational processes and standards for services working in partnership to provide the Galway Community Café.

Our Service Operational Plan will be uploaded shortly.