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Our Values and Aims

The Galway Community Café aims to provide an atmosphere of acceptance, ease and welcome for those who come through its doors.

Our Values


To be a place of physical, psychological, and emotional comfort that enables people to heal and grow.

To embody the peer support ethos of mutuality in peer support – the power of being able to tell your story and hear others, and the healing potential within these naturally occurring therapeutic relationships.

To demonstrate the principles of co-production – the strength of shared power and decision-making, and the empowerment of the voices of Experts by Experience and staff.

To use person-centred, non-judgmental, solution-focused and asset-based approaches to deliver better mental health support experiences.

To realise distress is a natural response to trauma, to recognise the effects, respond in a spirit of compassion, and to prevent re-traumatisation.

Our Values in Action


Staff at the Community Café will be responsive to each customer’s individual needs, and nurture their assets to promote personal recovery.

The Community Café will offer support which accepts the individual values, culture, religion, physical needs, neurotype, gender and sexual orientation of its customers.

Customers, visitors, volunteers, and staff have the right to be treated with kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect. The Community Café will ensure that customer and carer views are fully acknowledged and actively incorporated into ongoing service improvement.

Customers will be kept informed as to what can be expected from the Café, and potential next steps to further supports and service engagement. Confidentiality will be upheld in line with professional, legal and organisational constraints.

Our Aims


The Community Café is an out-of-hours mental health service embedded in the community, and originates from the ethos of co-production of support in CHW Mental Health Services.

The Community Café aims to provide out-of-hours, recovery-oriented, peer-led support that improves the wellbeing of individuals experiencing mental health challenges in a neutral environment.

The Community Café will offer a safe and supportive environment, for adult customers experiencing or seeking to prevent mental health distress.

The Community Café will provide proactive support to Carers and Family Members and will offer signposting to Carers and provide information about carer support networks and services, such as the Bealach Nua peer support service in Galway.

The Community Café will promote autonomy of our Customers by providing them with the opportunity to identify their own needs; make their own choices about what will help them, and navigate them through recovery services or potential community support pathways as appropriate.

Our Aims


The Community Café will work with Customers, Carers and statutory and non-statutory organisations in the spirit of co-production, towards providing an integrated preventative and distress management provision.

The project aims to reduce pressure on A&E and the AAMHU through mental health promotion, diversion, and de-escalation, and reduce rates of suicide and parasuicidality.

The Community Café will provide an environment which is physically and emotionally safe for Customers, Carers and staff. It will also encourage customers to make the use of their own social networks, and suggest supplementary recovery-promoting local community assets and networks.

To demonstrate a socially innovative model for mental health supports and potential for extension to other areas, and provide a collaboratory site for ongoing service improvement through co-production. The Community Café will demonstrate the principles and practice of co-production in service delivery, with multi-stakeholder cooperation in the interest of promoting population mental health promotion, maintenance, and protection, to deliver the care people need, when they need it, where they need it.

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